In life, we have always felt the need of been with those that can fill us up with happiness, because something inside us always feels we are lonely or alone, therefore we decide or have this urge to be around people because we don’t ever want to experience that. That feeling of emptiness, of being lonely is the vacuum in we humans.

I got to know this because I always have that feeling and then God helped me understand that, it is the n all humans, the need or the urge to be with people, but believe me when I say this, no matter the people you spend all day with, you will still go back to yourself and realiz that something in me is not right, not because of anything but because you haven’t found the right person to fill up that emptiness, that Vacuum, and that right person is always God, why do you think we have that feeling , it is so that we can connect back to the source, back to our maker, .

Humans, friends will always turn their back, there will always be betrayal, that’s humans, but our.God is not a betrayal, infact he created us for so much more, and then we have this emptiness in us, only the people that are in truly in God, are the ones that don’t feel empty because their vacuum has been filled,

Make God your all, and make Him be the one to feel that emptiness in your life, because it is the best feeling of peace you will ever get

God bless you all, I’m open to comments.Than

Thank you readers

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